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Post-Cancer Alopecia: Therapeutic and Cosmetics Treatments

Explore the management of post-cancer alopecia with a focus on therapeutic treatments and cosmetic solutions, including the selection and care of wigs, in this comprehensive course for healthcare and cosmetic professionals.
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Last update: 03/2024
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This course includes

 1 hour video on demand 
 Access on mobile and TV
 Unlimited access
 Certificate of completion of training

What you'll learn

  • Understand the causes and psychological impact of post-cancer alopecia.
  • Learn the therapeutic and surgical treatments solutions available.
  • Gain knowledge in recommending wigs for cosmetic purposes.


  • Open to hair-related professionals (physicians, trichologists, hairdressers...)
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This course offers an introduction to managing hair loss due to cancer treatment. Ideal for medical professionals, cosmetologists, and wig specialists, it covers the essentials of post-cancer alopecia, its psychological effects, and treatment options. Participants will explore therapeutic methods for hair regrowth, including medical and alternative treatments, alongside detailed instruction on cosmetic solutions like wig fitting and maintenance.

Course Highlights:
  • Foundations of Post-Cancer Alopecia: Understand the basics of hair loss following cancer treatment and its impact on individuals' well-being.
  • Therapeutic Treatment Strategies: Learn about various options for promoting hair regrowth and maintaining scalp health.
  • Cosmetic Solutions and Practical Wig Guidance: Acquire skills in selecting, fitting, and caring for wigs to enhance patient confidence and comfort.

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