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FUE Punches: Optimal Cutting and High-Quality Extraction

Dive deep into the art and science of using FUE punches, focusing on achieving precision in cutting and ensuring the highest quality of hair follicle extraction.
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Instructor: Jean Devroye 
Last update: 03/2024
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This course includes

 1 hour video on demand 
 Access on mobile and TV
 Unlimited access
 Certificate of completion of training

What you'll learn

  • Develop a deep understanding of how to select and use FUE punches for precise cutting, minimizing damage to follicles and surrounding tissues.
  • Master advanced hair follicle extraction methods and how to maintain the integrity of extracted follicles, ensuring high-quality grafts for transplantation. 
  • Enhance Overall FUE Procedure Efficiency and Results.


  •  Ideal for aspiring hair professionals such as: physicians, trichologists, hair transplant technicians. 
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Led by the esteemed hair transplant specialist Dr. Jean Devroye, this course is specifically designed for professionals eager to elevate their craft in Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). You'll dive deep into the art and science of using FUE punches, focusing on achieving precision in cutting and ensuring the highest quality of hair follicle extraction.

Course Highlights
  • Precision Techniques with FUE Punches: Learn the nuances of selecting and utilizing various FUE punches to maximize efficiency and minimize trauma, ensuring optimal graft viability.
  • Advanced Extraction Methods: Master the techniques developed by Dr. Jean Devroye for high-quality hair follicle extraction, focusing on maintaining the integrity of each graft for successful transplantation results.
  • Skill Enhancement: Through detailed demonstrations and hands-on practice sessions, refine your ability to perform precise extractions, adapting to different scalp conditions and hair types for superior outcomes.

By the conclusion of this course, you will have gained invaluable insights and advanced skills in utilizing FUE punches for cutting and extraction, significantly enhancing your proficiency in hair transplantation. This course offers a unique educational opportunity to learn from a leading expert in the field, setting you on a path to achieving excellence in your practice.

Meet the instructor

Dr. Jean Devroye

Hair Transplant Surgeon, Belgium
Dr. Jean Devroye, a graduate of the University of Liège in Belgium with a Doctor of Medicine, Surgery, and Obstetrics degree, has been specializing in hair restoration since 2000. He honed his skills under the guidance of esteemed hair transplant surgeons such as Dr. John Cole, Dr. Bradley Wolf, Dr. Ron Shapiro, and Dr. Robert Bernstein. Dr. Devroye excels in various hair transplantation techniques, including eyebrow, beard, and mustache transplants using both FUT and FUE methods. An innovator in the field, he continually enhances hair transplant instrumentation, having developed his motorized system and extraction tool. His research on graft growth quality is well-regarded by peers, and he leads a global study on transected hair growth in the donor area. Dr. Devroye actively shares his knowledge at ISHRS-sponsored conferences and workshops, often presenting live surgeries and contributing to publications and textbook chapters on hair restoration.

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